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Microsoft Security & Compliance

Especially in the context of Modern Work, maximum security is a prerequisite for acceptance. Achieve reliable risk protection with solutions that meet your security, compliance, and identity protection needs.

Microsoft Solutions Partner Security

Cyber threats are complex and pervasive

Intelligent security through first-class integration

In today’s digital world, security is more important than ever. We support you in this, through the appropriate use of Microsoft 365 security features and by integrating them into your corporate IT and working practices. This integrated approach gives you an intelligent and unified security solution for your business, providing comprehensive protection against attacks and threats.

In this context, implementation via the Zero Trust approach represents a multi-layered approach to protecting corporate data. In doing so, Zero Trust focuses on strong user identity protection, device and application health checks, and secure access to corporate resources and services through Microsoft solutions.

The important thing is that the increase in safety does not have to make the function more difficult for the employees. You get native features with Microsoft 365 that increase ease of use and security.

Unsere Security-Spezialisten übernehmen für Sie 24/7 die Analyse von Bedrohungen und wehren Angriffe automatisiert ab.

Together, we analyze your security & compliance posture and provide tailored recommendations on how you can use Microsoft technologies to comprehensively protect your company.

Compliance Factory

We show you how regulatory requirements can drive innovation. Our workflows have already proven themselves in the financial sector, the pharmaceutical industry and the energy sector.

Secure Remote Work

Rely on standardized processes and best practices from our experts for secure and fast deployment of Microsoft Teams.

We ensure that the deployment of critical systems such as domain controllers, member servers and administration workstations relies on trusted people, processes and sources

Zero Trust

Assume Breach recommends Microsoft. Our consultants will show you how to implement processes and technologies so that you can implement the Zero Trust methodology for maximum protection.

Identity & Access

Not least due to flexible workplace models, the protection of identities must be a top priority. Benefit from best practices from hundreds of projects.

Threat & Information Protection

To protect sensitive data, you need to be able to identify what it is and where it is being processed. We help you identify and comprehensively protect sensitive data without compromising the user experience.

Cloud Endpoint Management

Secure access to corporate resources regardless of location and end device? You decide what should be possible. Our experts support you in implementing your security requirements efficiently and seamlessly.

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