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Skaylink Migration Services

Out-of-date infrastructures are frequently used for too long, because changes still require too much effort and expense. This is no longer the case: With our Migration Services, we ensure a smooth, concerted transition in your company – which even saves you money in the medium term.

What we migrate

We offer our services for the entire Microsoft portfolio, regardless of whether we are talking about on-premises, hybrid or cloud. Our team will update your company to the latest versions of:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Office 365
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Exchange (on-premises Exchange Server or Exchange Online), and also Lotus Notes, Zarafa Kopano Core, Google Apps for Work (Gmail)
  • Windows Server
  • SharePoint

Our strategy

Every company has an infrastructure that grows in its own way. Therefore, we advise you on setting up your IT and will develop a migration strategy with you that is optimally tailored to your needs. Our goal is a modern, secure infrastructure that supports your employees in completing their daily tasks efficiently. To do so, we use these components from our many years of real-world experience:

  • Systematic approach: We create a complete model with project portal and document templates for every migration project. The identified boundary parameters, success factors and project phases are stored there and various rollout scenarios are developed. This results in a detailed migration plan in which milestones, responsibilities, deliverables, costs and goals are clearly defined.
  • Target-oriented project management: Through active communication, we ensure that the process of the migration is clearly outlined and accepted by the people that will be using the new systems daily. Controlling and quality management ensure that schedules are adhered to and obstacles are identified early.
  • Rollout control: Our team controls the migration based on checklists and an application and rollout database. Our customers regularly receive a rollout report based on the key figures previously defined. Training courses and appropriate communication help users come to grips with the new systems and ensure their secure use right from the start.
  • Use of modern migration tools: Modern tools such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Design simplify and accelerate the migration to new systems. They package the new applications and control the consolidation of domains and servers. In addition, before every migration, Skaylink runs a test process in their test center so that everything will work smoothly later at the customer’s location.

Customer advantages

Modern IT infrastructure provides productive processes and more flexibility. This allows the costs in the company to be lowered sustainably. The faster and smoother the migration to new systems, the more direct these cost savings will be. With the established building blocks in Migration Services, we at Skaylink have been saving our clients time and budget in the following areas:

  • Up to 30% shorter project initialization phase and up to 50% shorter migration duration through a systematic approach based on project experience as well as planning tools
  • Up to 50% cost savings through planning tools
  • 25% to 35% time savings in the project phase through rollout control and clear project management
  • Up to 35% shorter duration of the overall project thanks to clear project management

With Skaylink, you have an experienced partner by your side: Our certified experts will guide you safely through the migration and ensure that your employees embrace the new applications right from the start.

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