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Skaylink and Microsoft

Business Application Modernization

Scalable and future-proof solutions based on Microsoft Azure

Modernization of business processes

Holistic support for your project

A rolling stone gathers no moss: To remain competitive, you need to constantly adapt your applications to new requirements. Our experts support you in this. We not only look at the technical requirements but also analyze the underlying business processes together with you. This holistic approach enables us to develop applications that allow you to exploit the full potential of digitalization. 

Reasons for a Business Application Modernization:

  • End-of-support for legacy applications 
  • High operating costs of existing applications 
  • Lack of flexibility, e.g. no integration of external interfaces 
  • Creation of systems to transform, enrich, transfer, encrypt and control business process data 
  • Analog, manual processes are to be replaced 
  • Lack of know-how or too little time to implement digital business ideas promptly 
  • Automated file conversion, secure encryption, and reliable file exchange 
  • Mainframe off-load  

We can take on the following tasks for you:

  • Process consulting with a focus on IT 
  • Architecture development 
  • Conversion of functional requirements into technical solutions
  • Implementation and software development 
  • Software operation
  • 2nd / 3rd level software support

Benefit from our experience and best practices

Here you will find a selection of projects that we have implemented for customers in a wide range of industries:  
  • Development and operation of a multi-tenant B2B shop for an insurance company. 
  • High-security dashboard for performance monitoring of devices for a logistics service provider 
  • Data management platform for a mail-order company 
  • Customer app for Android and IOS for a company in the health industry 
  • Applicant chatbot for a retail company 
  • Performance monitoring for a luxury food manufacturer 
  • UX design for end customers for a luxury food manufacturer 
  • Integration of a mobile Salesforce application with SAP for a luxury food manufacturer 
  • Software solution for idea and innovation management for an automotive supplier 
  • Software solution for Open Innovation for a health care company 
  • Web-based portal solution for project controlling for a publishing house 
  • Service app on Android and Windows for customer advisors for a retail company 
  • Master data and license management for a compliance solution for a medical technology company 
  • Development and operation of a supply chain service for national trade for a company in the consumer goods industry 
  • Launch of a B2C online shop for a company in the consumer goods industry 
Would you like to learn more about the individual projects? No problem – simply contact us! We will be happy to present cases to you in more detail or put you in contact with relevant references.  

“The ChatBot supports us in the recruitment of new employees, interns, trainees, and working students. It can understand questions formulated by the applicants themselves and answer them with suitable answers from a defined question catalog.”

Applicant ChatBot | Trading Company

Why should Skaylink be your partner for Business Application Modernization?

  • More than 500 cloud enthusiasts
  • Extensive experience in business application modernization across multiple industries
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner
  • Microsoft Cloud Partner from the very beginning
  • Member of the Microsoft Catalyst Program

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