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AWS QuickCheck

What is an AWS QuickCheck?

Using a list of questions and the expertise of an AWS senior cloud consultant, the AWS QuickCheck examines an existing AWS environment.

Recommendations will be developed and identified for each question dimension based on the quality of the responses and the overall impression of the auditor. The resulting action items and tasks will then be grouped and prioritized. It also requires a passive view into the AWS console to clarify further questions or validate answers.

The customer will receive a report on the urgent and recommended adjustments to be made within the AWS architecture and organizational frameworks/processes.

The AWS QuickCheck is not a full audit, but rather a Pareto analysis of the most significant issues and required adjustments.

AWS QuickCheck process

What does the AWS QuickCheck offer?

  • Identifies necessary technical quick wins and long-term adjustments (operating model, processes, etc.), based on AWS best practices and auditor experience
  • “Writes down” and presents known but unresolved issues and vulnerabilities
  • Validates the quality of the AWS environment by the responsible parties
  • Helps CISO, DPO, and other roles to identify pain points
  • Provides roadmap content for upcoming AWS architecture tasks


  1. Final document (approx. 60 pages) with
    • Questions, answers and the associated recommendation for each question
    • Identified tasks/actions
    • Prioritized actions
    • Summary of prioritized action items over a 3–12 month time horizon
    • General summary of urgent starting points (beyond technical issues)
    • Personal recommendation of the auditor
  2. Raw data in xlsx format upon customer request
  3. Final presentation and basis for discussion, questions and deep dive

Identify your cloud potential quickly and effectively

You can download the compactly prepared AWS QuickCheck information as a PDF here. 

A success story

AWS QuickCheck for human resource management software providers

The AWS QuickCheck was used to identify existing problems and potential solutions for a human resource management software provider.

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