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AWS Cloud Migration

As a partner with AWS migration expertise, we offer solutions or have extensive experience to help companies successfully migrate to AWS in all phases of complex migration projects: from as-is analysis to planning and migration to the important issue of future operations.

Your move to the cloud

The business world is in a constant state of flux due to digitalization. For many companies, cloud migration within their existing IT infrastructure is essential. In addition to quick wins that can be realized due to less downtime, for example, sustainable effects such as long-term cost savings can also be realized by migrating to the cloud.

Benefits for migrating to AWS

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Higher availability
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Higher productivity
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More features
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Infrastructure savings

Save costs

By migrating to the cloud, customers achieve average cost savings of 30-50%. This frees up resources so you can focus on what really makes your business stand out.

Business flexibility

“Innovation” and “digital transformation” are the 21st century terms of the business world. We support you in mastering these mammoth tasks. For example, if you want to migrate from your on-premises data center to the AWS Cloud, you can leverage over 200 full-featured services to drive innovation and digital transformation in your business.

Reduce risks

Customers moving from on-premises to AWS achieve 7x fewer downtime hours on average. Migrating with AWS gives you a secure and proven migration approach that leads you to a more stable IT model, reduces the risk of project failure, and delivers a better customer experience.

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program

For migrating workloads, such as databases, AWS has launched the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). The program provides professional guidance from approved AWS Migration Partners, such as Skaylink.

Phases of the Migration Acceleration Program

Step 1 (Assess Phase) Assess your readiness status.

Conduct a migration readiness assessment to identify and evaluate strengths, opportunities for improvement, and business benefits.

Step 2 (Mobilize phase) Mobilize your resources

Create a migration plan and a detailed business case. Then gain experience by migrating pilot workloads.

Step 3 (Migration Phase) Migrate and modernize your workloads

Execute the comprehensive migration plan developed during the mobilization phase using Skaylink






Migration Phase

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