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Cloud Competence Center

Partnering for a successful move to the cloudin every dimension

Combines internal perspectives into a proven and pragmatic approach

Many companies are looking to modernize their IT infrastructure with a cloud-first strategy. Once started, this approach requires a clear set of guardrails, policies and processes to structure future cloud initiatives well in advance. It makes it easier to get started with planned cloud projects in a fast, efficient and agile way.

It is important to consider IT governance related to the cloud. The requirements for the development of secure IT, its reliable operation and a legally compliant framework must also be developed and clearly formulated in the context of the cloud.

In addition to technical cloud expertise, it is necessary to involve stakeholders from different departments at an early stage. This is the only way to ensure that the adoption of cloud solutions goes hand in hand with new processes and requirements.

These processes and requirements are developed by a dedicated Cloud Competence Center (CCC). They are continuously optimized and adapted to new conditions.

Culture – in successful transformation!

  • Actions to help make the transformation a success
  • Support models in the context of organizational culture
  • Pragmatic, interactive set of methods

Enterprise cloud – ready for business!

  • Proven blueprints for different scenarios
  • Ready-to-use implementation model for hybrid cloud service models
  • Highly automated public cloud infrastructure

Compliance – fast, but also secure!

  • Definition of cloud principles and deployment scenarios
  • Binding cloud governance process
  • Secure and fast cloud transformation

Cloud Competence Center

With our holistic view and extensive experience, we provide you with cloud expertise in all aspects relevant to a successful cloud transformation:

  • Practical solution models through proven blueprints
  • Scalable, future-proof solutions that grow with you
  • Fast implementation and reliable operation through high levels of automation, defined standards and proven cloud service models
  • Meeting internal and external compliance guidelines
  • Ensuring cloud governance for bimodal IT structures
  • Using a centralized cloud broker that engages all stakeholders and decision-makers
  • Employee development workshops


  • It is a recurring theme and of fundamental importance: IT organizations must constantly adapt to meet the complex, ever-changing requirements of the business areas and the market.
  • The Cloud Competence Center provides you with viable solution proposals and tools, no matter where you are: before implementation, in the middle of implementation, or after your first experiences in the cloud.

Adrian Wnek
Principal Cloud Consultant

“Reconciling the needs and requirements of our customers with the desires of the initiatives is often one of the biggest challenges. This is where our Cloud Competence Center idea comes in, bringing stakeholders together in a structured way and mediating between them.”

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