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Amazon Web Services

We are your AWS partner and develop, operate and optimize simple and complex solutions within your specific cloud setup.

We are your partner for the AWS Cloud

At Skaylink, providing customers with IT that grows with them over the long term and can be quickly adapted to changing needs is central to what we do. Therefore, we are always ahead of the times: The teams united under our roof have been advising companies on the digital transformation for 30 years. 

Therefore, in 2012, we chose Amazon Web Services (AWS), the pioneer in public cloud services, as a partner: Bold innovation – combined with economically sound concepts – are what set AWS apart. It was the first company ever to offer a modern cloud infrastructure “as a service”. Today, AWS is the market leader in cloud services. 

As one of the first AWS Advanced Consulting Partners in Germany (2014) and the first partner with AWS Security Competence in the German-speaking market (as of 2019), we have continually expanded our cooperation. Today, Skaylink has over 20 AWS professional and security certifications and 70 AWS associate certifications. We are already working on additional certifications.  

We use this expertise to provide innovative and scalable solutions for more than 700 customers. In the fields of IT architecture, security, compliance & governance, managed services, cloud-native development and cloud migrations, Skaylink is thus one of the leading cloud companies in Germany.

Our AWS focus

Strategy consulting on the IT management level

Strategically defining the right cloud journey for the company

Support when enabling the cloud for organizations

Through standardized workshop series like Cloud Baselining or Cloud Advisory, we support organizations in jointly defining cloud roadmaps.

Cloud architecture consulting and implementation

Support when choosing the right landing zone and the right architecture for the workloads

Combining IT security and compliance skills with cloud expertise

Specialist support with both regulatory experts and technical experts

Review & check-ups

Checking and inspecting existing cloud structures (operating models, architecture, compliance and governance rules)

Governance processes

In the context of highly regulated customers, we build a secure and sustainable path to the public cloud by aligning or creating an effective governance process.


Customizing and redeveloping application landscapes to leverage added cloud value for existing applications

Well-architected review

Cloud migrations

Cloud migrations of existing systems and applications to the AWS Cloud using AWS methodologies (MAP) and other proprietary and customer-specific methodologies


Automation of system architectures and creating and supporting DevOps structures

AWS Premier Partner

We have consistently strengthened our collaboration with AWS over the years. As of 2023, we are one of four AWS Premier Partners in Germany. Prior to that, we were the first partner with AWS Security Competency in the German-speaking region (since 2019) and one of the first AWS Advanced Consulting Partners in Germany (2014). Today, Skaylink holds over 20 AWS Professional and Security Certifications and 100 additional AWS Certifications. However, we are far from done and look forward to the next certifications from our dedicated colleagues.

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