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Data Analytics and AI

Transform your data into results

Data analysis often forms the basis for new business models. With our Data Analytics Services, using artificial intelligence, we help you evaluate internal and external (real-time) data properly and develop new products and services for a data-driven business. Machine learning is an important element of this. 

Our services cover the entire data process: from data capture to data transformation and data pipelines, from data lake management to development of machine learning models and data visualization and interpretation.

We customize the solution completely to satisfy your needs. Our experts can offer a complete implementation and management solution or, if you prefer, we can arrange a joint setup with a team from your company.

We work together with all major public cloud providers and have extensive experience with all the important data analysis tools and AI frameworks.

Your benefits

Comprehensive expertise

Benefit from our best practices developed through years of experience with data pipelines and machine learning.

Strong partners

In-depth partnerships with AWS and Microsoft, multiple certifications in the fields of data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Customer focus

We understand our customers’ situation. We are not just technology experts; we also develop solutions in collaboration with you.


Knowledge is often concealed in raw data. We have the experience and creativity to identify and extract this knowledge.

What does Skaylink offer?

  • More than 10 years of competence, experience, and creativity
  • Holistic approach to data processing and management
  • 95% of the work in a machine learning project has nothing to do with machine learning. The focus is on developing stable and reliable data pipelines. We have been developing and operating these reliably for many years.
  • Best practices from ten years of successfully implementing AI and data pipelines
  • Stable and reliable IT solutions

Business intelligence

Business intelligence is considered a driving force in the modernization of IT infrastructure and digitalization. This involves the collection of company-relevant data from various sources, as well as its systematic evaluation and presentation in real time.

Big data

Capturing, storing and analyzing huge volumes of data is a challenge that can be met with the use of cloud technologies.

AI / Machine learning

Cloud solutions allow large volumes of data to be processed and analyzed. Machine learning algorithms attempt to identify patterns in existing data sets and use these as a basis to make forecasts.

Offers from the Skaylink portfolio (excerpt)

Customer Listening

We’ve summarized in a document for you to download how valuable information can be extracted from customer feedback to improve your services and products.

Skaylink Consulting Services

Our experts offer you the complete portfolio for data analysis from a single source.

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