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To take full advantage of the benefits of (public) cloud structures, it is advisable to aim for “cloud-native” as the ideal solution. By this, we mean the ability to utilize all the potentials of pay-as-you-go solutions – from the optimum application architecture for continuous change, to work culture methodologies, to operability using current containerized operating models.

Software architecture

Especially in applications that are mission-critical to your business, it will also be a question of continuously developing software architecture and development tools including the establishment of a CI/CD pipeline.

Work culture

Establishing a continuous change culture and introducing appropriate workflows and processes is a core task in organizational transformation.

Operating model

The introduction of containers has permanently changed both software development and software operations and should be thoroughly considered.

Software architecture

Bringing existing applications 1:1 to the cloud does not make them “cloud-native”. Skaylink develops software for customers and for in-house use and has extensive expertise areas such as app modernization, developing CI/CD pipelines, and interaction with (public) clouds.

We can create added value for you:

  • Analysis of the current application development and deployment process – to reduce errors and to achieve a smooth market launch

  • Creation of automation tools for your CI/CD process

  • Implementation of automated test processes and services

CADD is an open DevOps-capable development platform that accelerates value creation and time to market. Is it difficult for your company to begin with Azure and change over to DevOps? We can help you reach your goals sooner.

Work culture

Establishing a continuous change culture and introducing appropriate workflows and processes is a core task in organizational transformation.

A Cloud Competence Center helps with cultural change and ensuring organizational and regulatory compliance. We can help you develop measures for your digital transformation. These include developing an organizational framework as the nucleus within your organization. We have been establishing cloud governance with our Cloud Competence Center for 10 years, with and for our customers.

The convergence of development and operations, including QA and security, is also a key challenge. This is precisely where our DevSecOp Workbench concept comes in.

Operating model

In combination with Kubernetes – the all-purpose weapon of container orchestration – containers can become the core technology of digitization. To manage the increasing complexity and speed of innovation, these cloud-native technologies must become an integral part of the IT strategy. Introducing containers must not be seen only from a technology perspective. Organizational, operational, and cultural aspects must also be considered.
While standards for containers and their orchestration have already been established with Docker and Kubernetes, individual solutions must be found when developing a container platform. In addition, having your own container platform provides an opportunity to establish new working methods (open, agile, distributed, automated), new operating concepts (SRE and DevOps), and new architecture concepts (microservices, API-driven, platforms) in your company.

Skaylink has developed a framework to assess – based on your existing IT organization – whether and how containerization can be effectively integrated.

We have a special combination to containerize a first application with and for you as a customer and, at the same time, train your employees and assess your IT strategy. A package offer for the first steps towards containerization with added value.

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