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ISG Leader Managed Public Cloud

For the second time in a row

ISG positions Skaylink as a leader for “Managed Public Cloud Services for Midmarket”

In 2022, the Information Services Group (ISG) has once again ranked Skaylink as a leader in the ISG Provider Lens™ category “Managed Public Cloud Service for Midmarket”. In the report, the analysts of the global market research and consulting company compared Skaylink to 18 other providers on the German market. ISG only awards leader status to companies that have a highly attractive product and service offering and which are a certainty when it comes to innovative strength.

ISG confirms that Skaylink has a high level of agility and a comprehensive best-of-breed portfolio, as well as a specialization in operating multi-cloud environments.

Read the complete evaluation of Skaylink in the report, including:

  • A market overview of public cloud services
  • A comparison of provider positioning

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Managed Public Cloud Services for Midmarket

“Skaylink has become a leading managed cloud service provider in the SMB segment.”

Ulrich Meister, Lead Analyst and
Wolfgang Heinhaus, Partner Advisor


Managed Public Cloud Services for Midmarket

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