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IoT solution for airport self-boarding

SITA, the world’s leading specialist in air transport communication and information technology, decided to develop an intelligent cloud platform to support passenger self-boarding at airports.

The challenge

Self-service kiosks make it convenient for passengers to check in and print out boarding cards. Many airports also have self-boarding gates where passengers can scan their boarding card to open the gate and board the plane.

In the past, the software used to communicate with airline applications, scanners and printers were installed in the physical hardware, making it more expensive to support, maintain, and operate for airports and airlines.


  • Developed on Microsoft Azure infrastructure

  • Prepared for multi-region deployment

  • Utilizes Microsoft’s IoT Hub Service

  • Deployed in a DevOps environment

  • Supported by cVation’s CADD platform

The solution


SITA is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology to the airline industry, calling almost all major airlines around the world customers. SITA decided to make passenger onboarding more efficient and reduce the need for maintenance of their physical kiosks by implementing a cloud-based SaaS solution.

The solution will be deployed in airports worldwide connecting thousands of IoT peripherals, such as printers, scanners, and card readers. SITA entered into a strategic partnership with cVation (part of Skaylink), who deployed it’s CADD platform to develop the cloud solution that manages self-service tasks fast and intelligently.


The solution meets SITA’s ambitious requirements for stability and processing speeds from the cloud. The software maintains compliance with the highest levels of information security for an airport’s most critical business area, the boarding system, which permits zero downtime.

The CADD platform accelerated the development of SITA’s cloud applications and control of their IoT units.

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