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Cloud-Based CRM System for Dr. Klein

Dr. Klein accelerates their business using Power Platform and the latest Azure cloud technology

For more than 65 years, Dr. Klein has been one of the preferred financial partners on the German market. They offer specialized advice and tailored financing proposals for Germans’ construction and home financing, property loans, tailored insurance, mortgage calculation and investments.

The challenge

Dr. Klein has developed a lot in the past 2-3 years and the business has grown strongly, but at the same time as the growth, it was difficult for the consultants to get through the many inquiries and calculations, as many of the processes were manual and therefore also took up much of the time. The former CRM system as Dr. Klein used to keep track of their clients and projects had reached its expiration date and needed to be replaced by a new, much more scalable and future-proof solution.

The solution

cVation and Skaylink were asked to develop a new platform together with Dr. Klein and it was agreed that after 6 months the new system should be launched, and the old system shut down. It therefore had to be built quickly and the choice was to build the platform using Microsoft Power Apps.

Power Apps is a low-code platform where everyone, regardless of experience with code, can deliver value quickly due to the integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Dataverse. It enables rapid development and the inclusion of domain knowledge in the development. cVation relied on automation as part of the business logic using Function Apps and Service Bus in Microsoft Azure.

The platform consists of a CRM part and a portal where all Dr. Kleins advisers can get support. This was built with an MVP approach so that you could go live with the first test version of the platform after only 2 months. This was then tested and adjusted in the following month, after which the entire solution was launched and into use.

It took only 3 months in total with the actual development until the old system was completely shut down and all data was migrated to the new platform. The new platform is fully scalable which makes it possible to keep developing it, improving features and creating more value through the agile work with Dr. Klein as well as feedback from both their customers and themselves.

The new technologies that have been used enables Dr. Klein to create even more agile business processes and faster rollout of new features. The Power App platform also makes it possible for Dr. Klein, to experiment within their development team and find solutions which are optimal for their customers.

The process

The progress

The biggest uncertainty surrounding the project before we started was clearly the very tight time frame of just 6 months. It is a larger project with countless points of contact with Dr. Klein’s business, both around technology, training and skills development, customer contact and data handling. Therefore, there were also many risks associated with the project – for example, that the employees would turn out not to be ready for change or that the improved work processes would give them the feeling that their daily routines were over-analyzed and turned upside down and put together in a completely new way. But luckily all that was all put to shame, and it has been an great pleasure and an exciting process to see both platform and people develop at the speed of lightning.

The collaboration

Dr. Klein were very pleased with the collaboration with Skaylink and cVation. All three units have complemented each other perfectly and although the teams were physically located both in Denmark and in several different places in Germany, they did have a really strong unity from day one and a unique sense of humour and culture. It has been fun for everyone to step into work every day, despite the pressure of the tight deadline.

The result

It was extremely important to Dr. Klein to ensure the focus stayed on their customers’ needs for new features and to ensure that the quality of their services did not decline now that the processes were not all hand-held as before. But luckily the customers welcomed the new platform and the feedback to the shorter response times was of course very positive. On top of the positive customer responses, there were many advantages to be spotted internally at Dr. Klein.

For example, the working environment was improved because the employees really felt that they achieved more and contributed with far more value to the customers than before, especially due to the new modern features and options on the platform. The employees also experienced a growth both in the teams together, but also individually, as they received further training and education and therefore grew both professionally and personally. The job satisfaction at Dr. Klein is now even higher than before and people are proud to work for Dr. Klein in a different way than before.

Both now and in the future, the focus remains on the customers’ needs and on developing services and features that increase the quality of the products and the experience of choosing Dr. Klein.

It has definitely freed up time and energy to be able to go in depth with many more details and continuously develop even further improvements and features that facilitate the customers’ interaction with the system and Dr. Klein.

Creating a cloud-based CRM system for Dr. Klein


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In just 3 months, Skaylink was able to deliver a fully tested and functional CRM system. Learn more about the initial situation, the challenges and the success of the project.

Facts & Numbers

3 months only

Implementation time for the fully tested and functional CRM system

Approx. 770

for the new, modern system

200 %
customer satisfaction

with the result 


“We had no problems implementing the new solution, no outages of services and no negative effect on customers. We are 200% satisfied with the result and the work of cVation.”

Transformation Lead, Dr. Klein
Oliver Ohsenbrügge

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