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Strategic path to the cloud without stumbling blocks

by Adrian Wnek

Time for cloud baselining

Can’t find the right entry point to the cloud? A project has been lying in a drawer for months and is being postponed again and again because there are too many people with reservations? Whatever is slowing down your project, it is time for a Cloud Baselining. This workshop series picks up the teams exactly where they are and connects the different cloud stakeholders. In addition to the basic building blocks, deep-dive modules expand cloud baselining as needed and make it even more interesting.

Removing stumbling blocks on the way to the cloud

Removing stumbling blocks on the way to the cloud Cloud Baselining by Skaylink. In workshops moderated by experts, all topics relevant to the cloud vision will be addressed. In addition to technology and architecture, this also includes strategy, cloud security and compliance as well as the operating model.

Often, especially in large organisations, it happens that several people are thinking about the same issue and do not know anything about it. Here, for example, the Deep Dive “Cloud Advisory” can be used, which brings all project participants up to the same level of knowledge. Cloud basics are combined with the question: “How and where do we best start and what mistakes can we avoid along the way?”

Exploiting synergies from SAP and the cloud

There were also more and more questions about SAP and the cloud in the basic workshops, so a deep dive was developed. The connection between SAP and the cloud is a very exciting topic. Both areas are often under the responsibility of different people in the company, but together they have a great deal of potential.

To do this, however, the historically created gap between SAP teams and the classic IT organisation must first be bridged. This is where the module comes in. All stakeholders develop a derivation of the SAP product strategy in line with the cloud strategy. “We frequently encounter the questions in the area of operating models of the various options. This is where we can use our experience and best practices to help us take the right path,” says Stephan Zeeh, Senior Developer at Skaylink and responsible for the free module “SAP and Cloud”.

Transform existing applications for the cloud

When moving to the cloud – whether completely or only partially – the question always arises as to which existing applications can be transformed and how. The Deep Dive App2Cloud discusses precisely this topic. Skaylink’s application development and operations experts work with you to review the existing software architecture of the applications to be transformed. Subsequently, each individual application is evaluated in terms of costs, benefits, capabilities and time. The workshop will apply the 6Rs’ strategy, supplemented by Skaylink’s many years of experience, which is transferable to other hyperscalers. Together, the rules of application transformation are vividly brought into a cloud visualisation and IaaS, PaaS and SaaS are considered as well as the separation between migration and modernisation.

Container and Cloud

The topic of containers and the cloud has now been given its own workshop, driven by increasing customer interest. “In the Deep Dive, we first teach the basics regarding containers in order to establish the connection to development and operational aspects in the container environment. It is imperative to look at this in a coherent way,” explains Philippe Tiede, Skaylink consultant and responsible for the Deep Dive “Container Enablement”. Together with the Skaylink experts, common action items are defined in one day, which are included in the big roadmap.

“Cloud baselining helps immensely to identify common goals and barriers and to communicate views across all stakeholders.

Often I even experience problem descriptions from the participants that my team members and I find very surprising, as these can be quickly clarified and discussed. It is important to express views and expectations right at the beginning and to discuss them openly. In this way, we create a broad basis for successful cloud projects.”

Principal Cloud Consultant


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