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Retail & E-Commerce

Cloud solutions accelerate innovation in commerce

Commerce is in the midst of a period of upheaval. What will stationary commerce look like in the future? How do processes need to change in the future? Even now, retailers who do business both online and offline are facing the challenges that a multi-channel solution presents. But even purely online sellers are under massive pressure. The COVID upswing has not turned into a stable trend for many companies – making it all the more important to establish cost-effective processes and structures.

These customers put their trust in Skaylink

Your advantages

Security expertise

Protecting sensitive customer data, protecting your own critical IT systems ( goods management, shop system, checkout system) and protecting against hacker attacks are all good reasons to have a sophisticated IT security strategy. We have proven security expertise – including for AWS and Azure.

Many years of experience

Our teams have gained extensive experience with numerous commerce and e-commerce customers. We can share this experience with you, no matter where you are currently at in your cloud journey.

Cloud services from a single provider

From consulting for a successful digital transformation and implementing specific cloud solutions to managed services or DevOps as continuous support in day-to-day operations: We are happy to support you as an expert partner that provides all of this.

What does Skaylink offer?

  • Excellent partnerships with AWS and Microsoft
  • For more than 10 years, we have been accompanying the leading retail companies on their journey
  • We understand the industry and support it with our experts who have many years of experience in the key areas: technology, organization and processes, regulations and project management

Our services (excerpt)

Managed AWS Hosting

Our Managed AWS Hosting connects AWS Managed Services and AWS infrastructure through intelligent platform technologies. This means you will receive a “out-of-the-box” hosting solution that is operated by Skaylink.

Cloud Strategy

Skaylink has many years of experience in analyzing existing capabilities and initiatives aimed at the cloud and developing a company-specific cloud strategy, and we are also happy to provide support during implementation.

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