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How cloud solutions are shaping the future of the logistics industry

Cloud computing logistics solutions

Logistics and IT have been growing together for a long time. More than half of all companies are already using cloud solutions. Only in this way can supply chains be optimized – which is essential for survival in the competitive environment. We are happy to advise you on your journey into the cloud or to support you in optimizing existing cloud infrastructure. 

These customers put their trust in Skaylink

Your advantages

Data security

The logistics field is fueled by information and data. Aging IT systems and untrained employees can become a security risk. We support you in protecting your data.

Expertise for crash-proof reliability

The logistics chain is never at a standstill. For this reason, an administrative and IT systems crash would be disastrous. With our help, you will receive a redundant and reliable IT infrastructure.


Seasonal fluctuations are on the docket for most logistics companies. In this case, scalable cloud solutions are a good solution approach.

Personal consultation & support

When problems arise at short notice, a reliable partner is the be-all and end-all. Our portfolio also includes reliable support. We are happy to be there for you – even 24/7 when it’s needed.

What does Skaylink offer?

  • Excellent partnerships with AWS and Microsoft
  • For more than 5 years, we have been accompanying logistics companies on their journey
  • We understand the industry and support it with our experts who have many years of experience in the key areas: technology, organization and processes, regulations and project management

Our services (excerpt)

Data Center

With our Data Center, we offer you flexible solutions with minimal downtime and high efficiency – for colocation, housing, disaster recovery sites, hosting or as part of your multi-cloud strategy.

Cloud Strategy

Skaylink has many years of experience in analyzing existing capabilities and initiatives aimed at the cloud and developing a company-specific cloud strategy, and we are also happy to provide support during implementation.

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