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Environmental, Social, and Governance at Skaylink

We take Environmental, Social, and Governance very seriously. It is our corporate social responsibility to do our part for the future of all of us. We are on the way together.

What responsibility means to us

Protecting the environment, sharing knowledge and supporting non-profit organizations

We are in the wonderful position of being able to contribute our expertise in cloud solutions to projects with sustainable benefits for society and the environment. One representative example is the digital service platform myKWS of the international seed specialist KWS SAAT. The platform is an example of greater sustainability in agriculture: It enables farmers worldwide to increase their harvest yields significantly and sustainably – and with less fertilizer use.

Customer projects like this are an ideal fit with our Skaylink Way. This includes proactively conserving resources: Wherever possible, we use green electricity, paperless offices, and e-mobility.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

ITEC Cares Award 2022

The ITEC Award honors initiatives and projects that promote digital literacy and empowerment among children, youth and young adults.

Go Green

Go Green is an initiative of our site in Essen. 100% green power and corporate responsibility with regard to sustainability in our mobility and working environment. 

“Skaylink cares”​

Many projects close to the hearts of our employees are up for selection for the award of our donation sum of 9,000 €. Have your say on who will receive the donation amounts of € 2,000 and € 1,000 each in the regions of Munich, Hamburg and Essen.

ReDI School of Digital Integration

We also support people who first had to overcome a few hurdles to fulfill their dream of entering the IT world professionally. As a partner of the ReDI School of Digital Integration, we coach refugees, among others, to make them fit for the IT industry.

Environmental, Social, and Governance at Skaylink

We also initiate the “Skaylink cares” fundraising campaign: Every year at Christmas, our employees can suggest small, regional and charitable organizations. A public vote determines six of these organizations, among which the donation amount is then divided. This is just one example of our many support activities, most of which take place behind the scenes.

These activities are still singular and not integrated into a Skaylink ESG framework. Together with our employees, we are working on this and want to be measured against it. After all, in a world where environmental, social and societal concerns are more pressing than ever, we should keep these interrelationships in mind and lead by example.

“Sustainability is in our services – for example, we use energy-efficient technologies and green electricity – and influences every one of our business decisions.”

Karsten Kümmerlein, Management Board Skaylink